People vastly underestimate the potential of digital assets. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about crypto is its ideological potentiality.

The fact there is so much uncertainty about the potential of crypto is the specific aspect worth highlighting. To be more precise, people are over-concerned with the potential profits of…

The Backrooms are any maze-like network of rooms, hallways, or spaces that appear to lack any identifiable exit. These [mostly fictional] locations are explained as places that you “glitch” into — areas people vanish to, where one gets lost, where one can quickly go missing.

Level 1 — “Lurking Danger” — Source: BackroomsFandom

First seen on 4chan, The…

Super Mario 64 was released in 1996. This classic 3D platformer dazzled with its gameplay, which was groundbreaking at the time of its release. Still, today the game is perhaps best remembered for its imaginative game design and its perfect use of nostalgic ambiance and haunting liminality.

In Super Mario…

The very best of NFTs, Cryptoart, and Theory.

Stripes Arts has brilliantly intersected some of my favorite concepts in art and history. Seamlessly blending a bit of the old; Greek mythology and ancient religion, Stripes simultaneously spices those themes with the ever-fascinating, Cyberpunk symbolism.

Each piece in the collection fluctuates between the gothic and anti-heroic. Conjuring fusion styles reminiscent of classic Spawn comics created by Todd Mcfarlane

Anti-Spawn — Spawn Comic Series

But the 24-year-old artist hailing Russia adds his own unique flair to the NFT space; giving each minted edition a sense of tangibility within the metaverse.

Each piece gives the feeling of heavy marble, equipped with a bit of history and background and historical context…

A brief celebration of QWERTY functionality

-this article isn't sponsored; just like to share some of my favorite phones-

I was in for a long train ride after a much-needed break from work.

The Motorola (2000)— one of the earliest phones with a full keyboard

While during this trip, I had an idea (as writers always do) and I decided to get out my iPhone to begin typing out my essay right there on the spot.

I soon realized that the lack of tactility and margin of error my fingers experienced as they slapped the glass touch-screen was inaccurate, uneventful, and much slower than my days of…


Aesthetics and Culture —

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