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Or Why “Research” doesn’t mean “Evidence”…

This brief essay is only meant to be a reminder about all the reasons we still need media literacy in the world. In an era where the importance of context and rhetoric have heightened; terms like “Fact-Checker”, “Misinformation” and “Fake News” have become household. It’s important to keep these simple things in mind as a reminder that we all need to read our media more carefully and always do more research.

1. Interpreting The Facts

What is Fact, may not always be common knowledge amongst people. But the facts are indeed facets of an ever-present trueness. That trueness…

or How Colonial Powers are Forced to Adapt to the Beat of Hip-Hop

Fab 5 Freddy, Spike Lee, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol

Historically, when outsider institutions colonize, they don’t merely occupy the land of the locals, exploiting them through material and physical force; they also commodify and colonize the ideas and arts of the native people. Through institutional bodies like museums, for example, artifacts are stolen and recontextualized, new names for the natives and enforced, and alternative ideological, religious, and political systems are installed by the colonizer.

These new systems, names, languages are established to colonize a people’s minds through a process of de-linking; this “de-linking”, among other things…

A brief look at how Vaporwave can positively influence our society.

Charlestowne Mall

When I hear Vaporwave described as a “meme” I’m reminded of the fact that the term fails to fully encompass what vaporwave is and, more importantly, fails to acknowledge what Vaporwave has the potential to be.

I do understand, that in some context of Vaporwave the term “meme” may be somewhat appropriate; but generally, it is better to alternatively acknowledge Vaporwave as a lifestyle approach or design philosophy, if nothing else.

If newcomers to Vaporwave see it as only a meme then it becomes only a tool in which…

Exploring Liminal Spaces with Japan Based Magazine, Sabukaru

Liminal spaces are those weird, atmospheric, and sometimes eerie places, that look like the gateway to another realm.

In fact, they’re a bit hard to explain, prompting discussions about what constitutes a “liminal space”.

What we do know for sure, Liminal Spaces are the spaces in-between where you are and where you want to be.

Liminal Spaces are the loading zone…

This article is part of the on-going series “for sabukaru”. Examining the intersection of art, information and aesthetics, RAMCPU shares his uniquely critical perspective on contemporary art and media to shape…

Tekken 2 (1995)

Brilliantly, the Tekken team was able to tell a fascinating story in just 30 seconds without any dialogue. The Tekken 2 (1996) Armor King Cinematic Ending is revealed after completing the game’s arcade mode- I don’t want to over explain the cinematic, just watch the short clip on the left.

Basically, in just a few short shots, they are able to really add dramatic character to the mythos of Armor King. First and foremost, notice the color and shadows of the environment…notice the minimal usage of sound. Here they show us less is more.

This dramatization was apparent in…

Some of my favorite announcements from one of the best games out

Rogue Company is a 3rd person shooter that focuses on 4v4 objective based game types and excels in it’s dedication to simple, fun, yet deep team-based strategies. The game boasts timeless aesthetics fusing espionage motifs with contemporary street fashion.

In todays Arcade Press newsletter I’m going to highlight some of the things I found most intriguing in the very first Rogue Company : Update Show — check out the list below.

Rogue Bans:

It appears that this is something that the Rogue Company team has been working on putting in…

Like everyone else, I’m a bit disappointed that we will have to wait until 2022 for the next big installment in the Halo series. Halo infinite has been scarce with updates and promotional material, and what they have released so far (beyond a few minutes of campaign footage), is nothing to write home about.

As it stands, the new halo infinite content and promotional material is interesting at best and concerning at worst. As long as the Halo formula is mainly followed through with Halo infinite, it should no doubt be an interesting and fun installment to the series. …

Blue Nightmare combines some of the most unforgettable melodies with relentless drum sequencing; even gaining the attention of super producer Timbaland.

Twitter: @bluenightmar3

Engineer, Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Creative Director: Blue Nightmare does it all. Blue is an artist that combines just the right amount of Neo Soul, New Jack Swing, and 90s bounce that will make any Hip-Hop/R&B enthusiast have flashbacks of that R&B Golden Age.

You can really tell that Blue is a true student of the game — He keeps all the elements that really worked over the past couple decades of popular R&B and spins them all in his…

Why the Kids Today Still Need to Play SNES and SEGA Genesis

Todays generation is the internet generation….

….They need a reason to reference the past. To say, “learn your history” is just not enough- for they will never see themselves as being a part of history. Kids will study history as something outside of themselves; completely detached.

In order for young people to learn history, and utilize their technologies, not as toys, but as tools of learning , they must see themselves in history and see the future’s potential within historical contexts.


Taedo Bills is a very unique artist. Not because he tries to reinvent the wheel, because he doesn’t — instead he manages to inscapsulate 20 years of the very best pop music.

Generally, the EPs production is minimal in nature, boasting the importance of utilizing only the essentials to get the groove and feeling across. Songs like “Cash Money” sounds like it could have been on a summer radio jam in 2005, but Bills impressively strip the production in a way that sounds very 2021.

Songs like “Life Beyond” showcases Taedo’s ability to…


Aesthetics and Culture —

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