or How Colonial Powers are Forced to Adapt to the Beat of Hip-Hop

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Fab 5 Freddy, Spike Lee, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol

Throughout history, when institutions colonize, they don’t merely occupy the land of the locals, exploiting them through material and physical force; they also commodify and colonize the ideas and arts of the native people. Through museums, for example, colonial institutions throughout history have stolen and recontextualized artifacts and art objects; they also establish new names for the natives and force different ideological, religious, and political systems upon the people.

The new systems, names, and even languages are given to colonize people’s minds through a process of de-linking…

11 things that Forever Shifted American Pop Culture Within The Last 20 Years

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Now that both the 80s and the 90s episodes of Arcadism: Decades Retold have arrived. It is time for us to look towards our modern era—the era of the 2000s and the 2010s.

“What is Arcadism?” Explained in 2 and-a-half minutes (2020)

The next episodes of the documentary Arcadism: Decades Retold (2000s-2010s) will be about the transformations and manifestations in two decades of hyper-speed media and the internet’s rise to power.

A brief look at how Vaporwave can positively influence our society.

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Charlestowne Mall

When I hear Vaporwave described as a “meme” I’m reminded of the fact that the term fails to fully encompass what vaporwave is and, more importantly, fails to acknowledge what Vaporwave has the potential to be.

I do understand, that in some context of Vaporwave the term “meme” may be somewhat appropriate; but generally, it is better to alternatively acknowledge Vaporwave as a lifestyle approach or design philosophy, if nothing else.

If newcomers to Vaporwave see it as only a meme then it becomes only a tool in which…

35 Important Things to Remember about Curating

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I recently read the book; Culture of Curating and The Curating of Culture(s) by Paul O’Neill. It's a really amazing, succinct, dense, and explorative journey into the world of curating and its implications in a cultural and sociological context.

O’Neill examines just how the arts and the methodology of curating may influence our perspective of culture, institutions, and what we believe to be possible in the arts.

Paul O’Neill guides us through the conflicting claims that surround the development of curating as an implicated set of roles. Focusing on the debates and differences…

The 20 Most important notes from Virgil Abloh’s Harvard Lecture.

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with the genre-defying, cultural contextualist/deconstructionist that is Virgil Abloh. A brilliant designer and intellectual that pushes the boundaries of design, and fashion, drawing from decades of skateboarding, hip-hop, and crossover aesthetics as well as avant-garde and conceptual art movements. I’ve met Virgil a couple of times, and I’ve always been impressed with his attention to detail and ability to be present even when managing what seems to be an infinite number of ideas. In 2018 Sternberg Press published a transcript of Abloh’s…

What is Arcadism? What is it’s relationship with Hip-Hop? And many other questions about the media theory answered.

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Q: What is Arcadism?

Video Credit | Youtube | What is Arcadism?

A: Arcadism is a media theory and way of analyzing media. It focuses primarily on the phenomena of the crossover and intersection of subcultures, especially those that exist online.

More abstractly, it tracks the cultural focuses that highlight a transition from public space to digital spaces, using Arcades as the vehicle for time travel throughout the past 100 years and beyond; developing perspectives in lifestyle and academic analysis.

Q: What is Arcadism: Decades Retold?

A: Decades Retold is a documentary project between myself, Artinformation, and Arkhaives At Midnight.

The project focuses on decades of pop culture retold through…

A Companion Piece to the Arcadism Documentary that Recontextualizes Decades of Pop culture.

Full Documentary | Arcadism: Decades Retold (Part 1 — The 80s)

I think it’s appropriate to share with you how Arcadism came to be as a media theory. This will help give insight into where the research and related projects are going. This is an opportunity for me to include some additional background information that didn’t make it into the final video.

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Marvel Vs. Capcom (1998)

1.) The Beginning

So I was interested a couple of years ago in the idea of gaming and arcades being a great life teacher. It was through Arcades…

Dom Baci is an Entrepreneur, photographer, and creative lead at Oneness Boutique in Louisville, KY

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Dom is a photographer, BMW connoisseur, and collector of modern relics. Dom’s level of appreciation for street fashion and emerging styles are genuine and hard to equal. Dom, creative leader at Oneness Boutique, shares his appreciation of classic cars and sneakers with Artinformation.

Ai: Hey Dom. You know, we’re really trying to chat with people who care a lot and love what they do. You obviously fit into that. We know you really care about your work with materials. That’s what we’re all about….


Stasa Wade is a model and artist based in Chicago.

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Stasa Wade is meditative about her work. As a model, she is conscious about aesthetics and appearance, but, as an artist, she’s profoundly intentional in practice. Perhaps you’ve seen Stasa on Nike.com or other adverts, sporting some of the brand’s most future-forward NikeLab products. She enjoys the opportunities that come with working for such an iconic leader in the industry but finds even more creative fulfillment when she can help shape the visual identity for smaller, up-and-coming brands.

I talked to Stasa about being recognized around the world as a…


Aesthetics and Culture — ramcpu.carrd.com

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