Arcadism: The Intersection of Gaming, Technology, and Culture

2 min readMar 2, 2023

The world of gaming has expanded beyond the confines of consoles and PCs, reaching into every aspect of pop culture. This subtle influence can be seen in architecture, fashion, and other areas of design.

This crossover or mashup is a fundamental celebration of the intersection of gaming, technology, and culture.

Arcadism is a way to diversify the interpretation of what it means to be a “gamer” or passionate about gaming culture. The term is not exclusive to hardcore gamers, but rather it includes anyone who loves collecting arcade cabinets or is into archiving the history revolving around arcade games and cabinets. The term is also an invitation to imagine new ways we can express ourselves through gaming-related content.

Arcadism is not limited to the act of playing games. It encompasses the technology used in gaming, the mobility of gaming, the information provided by gaming, and the community created by gaming. These four pillars were chosen because they intersect arcades with technology, the future of which should be mobile and accessible. The passion for the internet (or information) serves as a tool for growing community. These four pillars are the foundation of Arcadism, but the concept is open-ended and can evolve as inspiration to make gaming a more central and accepted part of our lives.

Arcades are no longer solely about games and spaces. They are now nostalgic symbols of modern culture. Arcades have been crystallized in time by the internet and transformation of technology. The term Arcadism is positive, evolving and developing the culture around arcade and gaming, not bringing it down. It invites people who don’t identify as gamers to realize that they may be Arcadists.

In conclusion, Arcadism is a term that describes the intersection of gaming, technology, and culture. It is a celebration of the crossover and mashup of different aspects of pop culture. It goes beyond the act of playing games and encompasses technology, mobility, information, and community. It represents a positive evolution of the culture around arcade and gaming, inviting people to explore their love of gaming in new and creative ways.