Blue Nightmare’s Latest EP, I Don’t Think You Know Me That Well — A Preview of the Upcoming Album “Theta State”

2 min readJan 25, 2023
Blue Nightmare in “Interstate Shawty”

R&B virtuoso and critically acclaimed producer Blue Nightmare presents his latest opus to fans with his EP, “I Don’t Think You Know Me That Well.” The EP serves as a tantalizing teaser for his upcoming album “Theta State,” showcasing Blue’s impeccable beats, infectious bridges, and ethereal outros.

The three-song EP is co-written by Kilam and features three stellar tracks that truly showcase Blue’s evolution as an artist.

Track 1: “This is What You’re Gonna Get” The intro commences with a gradual pace, featuring looping synths and a lack of percussion. Blue layers his vocals, setting the stage for a project that is both boastful and vulnerable — a dichotomy that Blue navigates with ease.

Track 2: “You’ll Be Back Tomorrow” This is my personal favorite on the EP, with a memorable transition. Blue clearly focuses on making his songs catchy and memorable. I adore the Timbaland-inspired drums and the Neptunes/Justin Timberlake bridge towards the end of the song. Blue sings about the urgency felt in a relationship and the need to feel in control but also vulnerable. The lyrics, “But should you…know me that well?” on the outro remind us about what it means to truly be open in a relationship.

Track 3: “Safe Zone / Do You Know Me That Well?” This 5-minute double-sided record boasts of impressive production, featuring 80s-sounding drums and intriguing string samples. The vocals are reminiscent of 90s R&B. Halfway through, the song features a signature Blue Nightmare beat change, with a slowed-down instrumental where Blue raps about his true self and future vision.

Overall, the three songs are memorable, enjoyable, and catchy and a great sample of what’s to come. He continues to seamlessly blend his songwriting, vocals, and production to create a truly captivating auditory experience. Blue Nightmare is an artist who is poised to make a significant impact in the coming year.