Corporations want your Ego

3 min readJan 27, 2023

What will happen to work in the future?

Corporations and their impact on society is a complex and nuanced topic. As consumers, we often think of corporations as faceless entities, solely driven by profit and greed. However, corporations play a crucial role in our economy and have the potential to shape our culture, values, and beliefs in ways that are both positive and negative. As individuals and artists, we understand that the actions of corporations have an impact beyond immediate description. This subject matter is rarely discussed or expressed because people are trained to think in a gross materialistic way at a very young age through pop culture and celebrity/ego worship. Materialistic indoctrination forces one to see corporations (or businesses) as mere profit-driven machines.

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But corporations are not just about profit. They are also about power, control, and influence. They shape our perceptions and beliefs through the products and services they offer, the way they market and advertise, and the values they promote.


Erich Fromm, a psychoanalytic thinker, argued that corporations could be seen as an extension of the individual ego. He believed that in capitalist societies, people’s sense of self and identity becomes fused with their work and the corporations they work for. The constant need for productivity and consumption in such societies creates a sense of emptiness and lack of fulfillment in individuals, and people turn to their work and the corporations they work for as a way to fill this emptiness and find meaning and purpose in their lives. This creates a kind of “pseudo-individuality,” in which people’s sense of self is determined by their relationship to the corporations they work for and the goods they produce and consume.