Essentially: What is Pop (Culture)?

It’s important to know. Pop is Energy…

…It is the link between mass media, religion, and politics.

Not simply because all three of these things are popular but because all three are experienced through a subtle religiosity.

Take the American flag, for example — — a symbol that implies “In God We Trust” even without those exact words or crosses. This same symbol carries a vague political message perhaps most often associated with conquest (action), capitalism, freedom, and nationalism.

The flag is a symbol of pop culture and mass thought — wearing it as a fashion symbol immediately draws out people’s immediate associations. It is timely, and both a religious symbol as well as political.

A corporate symbol or logo begins as a letter that is free for all to use — and with reproductions, can become a talking point, a symbol of fashion embedded in the cities’ greater mind.

A symbol of patriotism for one is a symbol of oppression for another.

Here lies the most basic divide among Americans (and in citizens of the greater world): How we interpret symbols and the religious rituals and ideologies that goes along with them.

These symbols that have been reproduced countless times have a heightened energetic quality; as if each time the image is reproduced and seen by more individuals, the greater its magical power.

Flags are inherently energetic. They represent millions or even billions of people. Countless souls associated with a land, a political power, a military. These are energies with different interpretations for the nationals and for the foreigners.

Pop (culture) is only energy. A smaller series of explosions.

It is a mask, a symbiote — Living Together. A companion to the true, living spirit.


word-forming element meaning “together with, jointly; alike; at the same time,” also sometimes completive or intensive, from Greek

Since Pop culture is inspired by the common people and everyday events in nature. We should not seek to be a controller of it but instead as a conduit of it — a crystal element that Pop must bounce its light from to be fully realized.

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