Essentially: What is Pop (Culture)?

2 min readOct 26, 2022


It’s important to know. Pop is Energy…

Pop culture is a multifaceted phenomenon that is intricately linked to mass media, religion, and politics. It is not simply a product of popularity, but rather a subtle manifestation of religiosity.

The American flag serves as a prime example of the intersection of pop culture, mass media, and politics. It is a symbol that implies “In God We Trust” without explicitly stating it, and carries a vague political message that is often associated with conquest, capitalism, freedom, and nationalism. The flag is a symbol of pop culture and mass thought, and wearing it as a fashion symbol immediately evokes associations with these ideas.

Corporate symbols and logos also play a significant role in pop culture. These symbols, which begin as simple letters, are reproduced countless times and become embedded in the collective consciousness of society. They take on a heightened energetic quality as if each time the image is reproduced and seen by more individuals, its magical power increases.

However, it is important to note that these symbols can be interpreted differently by different individuals and groups. A symbol of patriotism for one person may be a symbol of oppression for another. This illustrates the fundamental divide between individuals and groups in interpreting symbols, religious rituals, and ideologies.

Pop culture is energy, a smaller series of explosions. It is a mask, a symbiote that is inextricably linked to the true, living spirit. It is important to understand that pop culture is not something that can be controlled, but rather something that should be embraced as a conduit. The role of the individual in pop culture is to act as a crystal element that reflects and amplifies its energy.

In conclusion, pop culture is a complex phenomenon that is deeply intertwined with mass media, religion, and politics. It is an expression of religiosity and is manifested through symbols, corporate logos, and fashion. The interpretation of these symbols varies among individuals and groups, but it is important to understand that pop culture should not be viewed as something to be controlled but rather embraced as a conduit for its energy.


word-forming element meaning “together with, jointly; alike; at the same time,” also sometimes completive or intensive, from Greek

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