Rogue Company: Season 2 Highlights

Some of my favorite announcements from one of the best games out

Rogue Company is a 3rd person shooter that focuses on 4v4 objective based game types and excels in it’s dedication to simple, fun, yet deep team-based strategies. The game boasts timeless aesthetics fusing espionage motifs with contemporary street fashion.

In todays Arcade Press newsletter I’m going to highlight some of the things I found most intriguing in the very first Rogue Company : Update Show — check out the list below.

Rogue Bans:

It appears that this is something that the Rogue Company team has been working on putting in the game for a while. Each team will be able to ban a rogue for the entire game of demolition — this feature will be added to custom games also. This feature will especially be useful for those running tournaments and closed matches.

Trench gets Trip Mines:

One of my favorite gadgets to use during the Rogue Company Beta was Saint’s Trip Mines… But now it looks like Trench will get 3 Trip Mines which will finally give him a lethal that will allow him to better control the map. Very hype as I think Trench is a very strong and underrated Rogue.

Sigrid is Immune to Melee When Shield is Deployed:

Sigrid will finally immune to damage of any kind from the front when the shield is deployed, including melee.. This is a huge buff for Sigrid. *She can still take damage from behind (or side) though.

This will definitely be one of the most hype game modes. King of The Hill is finally here as a 4v4 gametype.

Lancer Model Update:

Lancer has been very much improved and has been given a more realistic impression

Right model: Season 2

Other Notes

  • “Gunplay is King” the Rogue Company Team reveals how important gunplay is to the development of gameplay for Rogue Company
  • Daily Login Rewards: Points and perks for logging in everyday on Rogue Company
  • Glitch is getting consistent attention and updates as he is considered to be a “niche” player. The Rogue Company Team is still very interested in feedback on the game and Glitch specifically to help develop the Rogue and his impact on Rogue Company.

Brand new Rogue, Mack joins the fight — these are just a few of the dynamic tweaks to an already very fun team game that makes it even more interesting but also manages to fill out the game, making it even more complete, solid, and build to last.

Read the full patch notes here:

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