What are “The Backrooms”?

4 min readDec 24, 2021

The Backrooms are any maze-like network of rooms, hallways, or spaces that appear to lack any identifiable exit. These [mostly fictional] locations are explained as places that you “glitch” into — areas people vanish to, where one gets lost, where one can quickly go missing.

Level 1 — “Lurking Danger” — Source: BackroomsFandom

First seen on 4chan, The earliest known Backroom, also known as “Level 0,” is the most well-known of Backroom levels.

Level 0 is a carpeted, office-like, wallpapered, sepia-toned, yellow-lit labyrinth of endless rooms, wet carpets, blood-stained floors, and loud buzzing lights.

“Level 0” is the place one goes when they glitch into another dimension. Perhaps it’s a place where one goes when they want to exit onto the 13th floor.

In case you don’t want to take the chance of visiting The Backrooms personally [and, as a result, being stuck there forever] there’s a couple of video games about “The Backrooms” that will simulate the bizarre rooms for you. The games usually have no clear way to “win” per se, as you walk endlessly from shadow-like entities, searching for a way out that unfortunately doesn’t actually exist.

But are The Backrooms real? Well, not really. “Level 0”, for example, is actually a photoshopped image of a real office space, of which, the windows were removed, and the sepia tone was added in post.

Take the Holiday Inn London Heathrow, T4, for example. From the outside, the hotel looks normal, but for those in the know on Liminality…